Daily Chapter --- Psalm1 Reflection Question

Daily Chapter --- Psalm1 Reflection Question

Daily Chapter --- Psalm 1 Reflection Question

1. How is delighting related to meditating?

Be thankful for your participation in the holy work of reading “God’s Words One Chapter a Day”. How do you obey God’s words.You are encouraged to share your testimony of repentance in this area.

Try to compare yourself with the righteous. How do the righteous consecrate themselves?What fruit has God born in your life to nourish others?

2. In your present life, what is counted as chaff?

Will the righteous still produce fruit under harsh circumstances (Romans 8:28-32)?


1. 喜愛與思想有何關聯呢?感恩你參與在教會的一日一章神話語的讀經聖工中,你遵行神話語如何?鼓勵你與人分享你在這方面悔改的見證。試將你與義人作一比較?義人如何將自己分別為聖呢?神在你生命中結了什麽果子來滋養別人呢?

2. 在你現在的生命中,有哪些是被算爲糠秕的?義人在惡劣的環境下會結果子嗎(羅8:28-32)?

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