Lumen Collectives Story

Welcome to Lumen Collectives, where we bring together a diverse range of products from different fields to offer you a range of products that add light and inspiration to your daily life. 

As a mother-daughter combo running a small business, we aspire to bring our unique perspectives, skills, and experiences into play. 

Our Christian background and values play a significant role in shaping our approach to business. With this, we  strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where many with Christian backgrounds can find something that resonates with them. 

We aim to spread the light of love, compassion, and faith through our interactions and the products we offer. 

To us, our name "Lumen Collectives" means "Collecting Light", reflecting our philosophy and Christian background. It is not only that, yet Lumen Collectives is truly a reflection of our heartfelt desire to make positive differences in the lives of other Christians. 

We believe that by surrounding ourselves with beauty, inspiration, and the light of the Lord our God, we can brightens and il-lumen-ate our own lives, and also the lives of those around us. 

We invite you, as a customer, to join us on this journey of collecting light and experiencing the transformative power it holds.

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