Daily Chapter---Psalm 5 Reflection Question

Daily Chapter---Psalm 5 Reflection Question

Psalm 5 Reflection Question:

1. What is the significance of "watch" in verse 3?
2. What are the sins and behaviors mentioned in this psalm that are displeasing to God? If you are involved in them, ask the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to repent and turn from them.
3. What do you learn from the difference in God's treatment of the wicked and the righteous?


  1. 第3節的“儆醒”有什麼重要意義? 
  2. 本詩篇中所提到神不喜悅的罪行和品行有哪些?若自己與它們有份,求聖靈賜力量我們悔改歸正。
  3. 神對待惡人和義人的不同結局,令你得到什麼啟發?
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