Weekly Devotion ( Psalm 36-39)

Weekly Devotion ( Psalm 36-39)

Weekly Devotion ( Psalm 36-39)

Psalm 36
The wicked have no God in their hearts, are cut off from God, cut off from the source of life, and live in darkness! Not only boasting, but plotting iniquity day and night, and not hating evil (36:4); the wicked are disrespectful Fear, God, so nothing can restrain them from sinning. Like a man with a dirty stink We haven't felt the same for a long time, how pitiful such a life is! Jesus said that if anyone drinks the water of the world, he will be thirsty again, but if anyone drinks the water he gives, he will never Thirsty!
Those who trust in God will experience life satisfaction no longer relying on the oneness of this world All, it is because of the fat in the temple that we are satisfied (36:8)! We will worship in the temple of God Rejoice in worshipping him, and be satisfied with serving him in the house of God! and we are to be in the light of God Walking, so that our lives can be renewed day by day, and our words, minds, and deeds can be purified, What a blessed life this is.
Psalm 37:1-19
Brothers and sisters, when we see those who do evil, not only do they not suffer retribution, but the way Mastery, evil plans are achieved, and when we rise to the top, do we feel unfair because of this? The ghost stayed? We may be jealous because of this, jealous of their success, so much so that When we are shaken by our good deeds, and even feel foolish, we leave it to the devil Bigger break! When we are shaken by jealousy, it is possible to do it with them Evil, drifting with the flow, even complicit; especially when you are a victim, it is difficult in your heart Don't be angry and tend to rely on your own blood and gas to fight them, even "repay evil Evil ", which falls into the devil's trap! David here reminds us to stop our anger, Forsake wrath (37:8), lest we be used by the devil! Lord help us, watch When you see people doing evil, learn to hand them over to a righteous God, let God avenge them, and obey the Lord Angry!
In the face of the difficulties imposed on us by the wicked, in addition to relying on God to continue to do good (37:3), we must "use God's faithfulness is bread ", that is, relying on the Lord's promises and the comfort of the Lord's words to come every time The life of heaven, and entrust our persecution and affliction to God, and He will do it for us Fulfill (37:5)! Let us rejoice in God (37:4), be content with having God, know The glory and wealth of this world possessed by the wicked are all vain, and only God is us Satisfaction of the soul. We must patiently "wait on God" and wait for God's righteous judgment to come upon evil People, wait a little longer, and the wicked will be cut off (37:2, 9, 10); firmly trust in God, God He will also uphold us and help us in distress (37:19).
Psalm 37:20-40
To inherit the land is to inherit the grace and blessing of God. The righteous will be blessed by God, because righteousness Human behavior is pleasing to God. We are always examining whether we are walking in God's favor On the road? Are the principles of conduct pleasing to God? To learn to be kind to others and give alms to others (37:21, 26) Thus experiencing "it is more blessed to give than to receive". Jesus said: The meek Blessed! for they shall inherit the earth. Those who humbly trust in God will inherit the earth (37:9, 11), blessed and abundant peace! Ask God to help us become a But the righteous who are blessed themselves, and their descendants will be blessed! (37:18, 25, 26)
When we are attacked by the evil one and are in hardship, we must have a different "look" from the world See, the psalmist wants us to focus on God's final "judgment" (37:33), looking at man's The end, not the present (37:34-37), Paul says, "We have become a play for the world People and angels watch ", life is like a play, no matter what role we play in the play, heavy What we want is to get the approval of the director, which is God, when we step down Most importantly.
We should look to God more, wait on God, and focus on God's justice and protection Keep it up, believe that God is a God who rewards good and punishes evil, and stick to it in this crooked and perverse generation The Word of God, God will exalt us to inherit the land (37:34), may we Believe it, and experience it too.
In Psalm 38, David shows us that a man who pursues good is not a man who does not A man who sins, but a man who feels sin and is willing to face it honestly, David As the king of a country, he never hides his sins and does not despise his sins, he admits His sins are higher than his head. As Christians, when we are occasionally overcome by transgressions, Ask God to enlighten us, or when brothers and sisters point out their faults, may we be able to Like David, humbly admitting, not for his own face, often covering up, Ignoring or rationalizing one's sin and finding reasons for one's sin is a real Humble good seeker. We see that David not only confessed his sins, he also grieved for his sins (38:18), David understood that the betrayal he was experiencing now and the pain his enemies had inflicted on him were all God The result of discipline for his sin. David worries about "sin" itself, not about The "result of sin" grieves. If a man does not grieve and repent for his sins, he does not confess his Sin, and the wrath of God abides on him, and there is no peace, as man says: "I When you keep your mouth shut and do not confess your sins, your bones are withered by groaning all day long. " (Psalm 32:3). May we all, like David, grieve for our sins and sins against God, such as Only in this way can we truly confess our sins and repent and ask God for forgiveness. A sad and contrite heart is acceptable to God Of. James 3:2 says, "For in many things we are at fault; if anyone There is no fault in his words, even if he is perfect, he can restrain his whole body. "
Psalm 39
Jacob Teach us to be careful with our words, but it's not easy, because no one but the tongue can Subdued (James 3:8); just as David kept asking the Lord to deliver him from his transgressions (39:8), so do we When constantly relying on the Lord to overcome sin, including the most difficult sin on the tongue (39:1); although Many words and many words are inevitable; it is wise to forbid lips (Proverbs 10:19), but we Practice holding your tongue and don't be so cautious that you don't even say good things (39:2). Lord, help us to be a tongue-clenching person, but also let our tongue speak more Some good words, some good words that make people (Ephesians 4:29), praise God, and proclaim God's goodness Words, for a word is said properly, like an apple of gold in a silver net (Proverbs 25:11).
Since life is a guest traveler, the blessings of life should not just be busy accumulating treasures, because the All who come will be left behind, and I don't know who will take it (39:6). The blessing of David's awakened life is Firm trust in God (39:7). Rely on God to get through all the encounters of life, for God to give Our circumstances are completely obedient, because what I have encountered is of You, I am silent (39:9).
Thankfully, in this short life, we are because of God's mercy Mercy and grace, God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world and predestined me We were adopted as sons through Jesus Christ, and now we are no longer strangers and strangers, but A nation with the saints, a member of the family of God (Ephesians 1:4-5; 2:19), so great Grace, how can we not fear and tremble, guard ourselves, watch our days, and do what we have The work of salvation (Philippians 2:12)
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每周灵修 诗篇36-39

诗篇 第36篇

惡人心中沒有神,與神隔絕,與生命的源頭斷絕,活在黑暗中! 不但自誇自媚,且日夜圖謀罪孽,不憎惡惡事(36:4);惡人不敬畏神,因此沒有什麼可以約束他們不犯罪。好像一個人與髒臭在 一起久了沒有感覺一樣,這樣的生命是何等的可憐!

耶穌說人若喝世上的水還要再渴,但人若喝祂所賜的水必永遠不 渴!信靠神的人,將經歷到生命的滿足不再是倚靠這世上的一 切,乃因神殿裡的肥甘得以飽足(36:8)!我們會因在神的殿中敬 拜祂而喜悅,因在神的殿中服事祂而飽足!我們且要在神的光中 行走,使我們的生命能日日被更新,言語、心思、行為都被潔淨, 這是何等有福的生命。

诗篇 第37篇 1:19节

弟兄姊妹們,當我們看見作惡的人,不但沒有遭受報應,反而道路 通達,惡謀成就,飛黃騰達時,我們是否因此而心懷不平,給魔 鬼留了地步?我們可能因此生出嫉妒來,嫉妒他們諸事順利,以至 於我們對於自己的善行產生動搖,甚至覺得愚昧,這就給魔鬼留 更大的破口了!當我們因嫉妒而動搖,就有可能跟著他們一起作 惡,隨波逐流,甚至同流合污;尤其當自己是受害者時,心中難 免氣憤填膺而傾向於靠自己的血氣去對抗他們,甚至「以惡報 惡」,這就落入了魔鬼的圈套中!大衛在此提醒我們當止住怒氣, 離棄忿怒(37:8),免得我們被魔鬼所利用!求主幫助我們,當看 見人作惡的時候,學習把他們交給公義的神,讓神伸冤,聽憑主怒!

面對惡人加給我們的難處,除了倚靠神繼續行善(37:3),更要「以 神的信實為糧」,也就是倚靠主的應許、主話語的安慰來過每一 天的生活,並且把我們所受的逼迫、患難交託給神,祂必為我們 成全(37:5)!我們且要以神為樂(37:4),以擁有神為滿足,知 道惡人所擁有的這世上的榮華,富貴都是虛空的,唯有神是我們 心靈的滿足。我們更要耐性「等候神」,等候神公義審判臨到惡 人,再等候片時,惡人終被剪除(37:2、9、10);堅定倚靠神,神 也必扶持我們,在急難中幫助我們(37:19)。

诗篇 第37篇 20:40节

承受地土就是承受上帝的恩典與祝福。義人必蒙神賜福,因為義 人的行為是神所喜悅的。我們當時時省察自己是否走在神所喜愛 的道路上?行事原則是否得神喜悅?要學習恩待人,施捨給人 (37:21、26)從而經歷到「施比受更為有福」。耶穌說:溫柔的人 有福了!因為他們必承受地土。謙卑倚靠神的人,必將承受地土 (37:9、11),得著祝福及豐盛的平安!求神幫助我們成為一個不 但自己蒙福,且自己的後裔也將蒙福的義人!(37:18、25、26)

當遭遇惡者攻擊而身陷艱難困苦時,我們要有與世人有不同的「看 見」,詩人要我們定睛在神最終的「審判」上(37:33),看人的 結局,而非現況(37:34~37),保羅說:「我們成了一台戲,給世 人和天使觀看」,人生如戲,不論我們在戲中扮演何種角色,重 要的是當我們下台時,能得到導演,也就是上帝的肯定,這才是 最重要的。我們當更多地仰望神、等候神,定睛在神的公義與保 守上,深信神是賞善罰惡的神,在這彎曲悖謬的世代中,堅守遵行 神的道,神必會抬舉我們,使我們承受地土(37:34),願我們如此 相信,也如此經歷。

诗篇 第38篇

在詩篇 38 章中,大衛讓我們看見一個追求良善的人,不是一個不 會犯罪的人,而是一個對罪有感覺,願意誠實地面對的人,大衛 身為一國之君,卻從不掩飾自己的罪,不輕看自己的罪,他承認 他的罪孽高過他的頭。身為基督徒,當我們偶而被過犯所勝時, 求神光照我們,又或是有弟兄姊妹指出自己的過錯時,願我們能 如同大衛一樣謙卑地承認,而不是為了自己的面子,常常遮掩, 輕忽或合理化自己的罪,為自己的罪找理由,如此才是一個真正 謙卑的良善追求者。

我們看見大衛不僅承認自己的罪,他也為自己的罪憂愁(38:18), 大衛明白他如今所遭遇的眾叛親離及仇敵加給他的痛苦,都是神 因他犯罪而管教的結果。大衛憂愁的是「罪」的本身,而不是對 「罪的結果」憂愁。人若不為自己的罪憂愁懊悔,不承認自己的 罪,神的震怒就常在他身上而不能有平安,如同詩人所說:「我 閉口不認罪的時候,因終日唉哼而骨頭枯乾。」(詩篇 32:3)。 願我們都能如同大衛一樣,為自己所犯的罪、得罪神而憂愁,如 此才能真正的認罪悔改,求神的饒恕。憂傷痛悔的心是神所悅納的。

诗篇 第39篇

雅各書 3 章 2 節說:“原來我們在許多事上都有過失;若有人在 話語上沒有過失,他就是完全人,也能勒住自己的全身。”雅各 教導我們在言語上要謹慎,但這很不容易,因為惟獨舌頭沒有人能 制伏(雅 3:8);如同大衛不斷求主救他脫離過犯(39:8),我們也 當不斷靠主去勝過罪惡,包括最難對付的舌頭上的罪(39:1);雖然 多言多語難免有過;禁止嘴唇是有智慧(箴 10:19),但我們操 練勒住舌頭,也不可過於謹慎到一個地步,連好話都不說(39:2)。 求主幫助我們能成為一個勒緊舌頭的人,但也讓我們的舌頭多說 一些好話,一些造就人的好話(弗 4:29),讚美神、傳揚神的好 話,因為一句話說得合宜,就如金蘋果在銀網子裏(箴 25:11)

 人生既是客旅,人生的福分就不應只是忙亂於積蓄財寶,因為將 來都要撇下,不知有誰來收取(39:6),大衛覺醒人生的福分乃是 對神的堅定倚靠(39:7)。靠著神渡過人生一切的遭遇,對於神給 我們的環境全然順服,因我所遭遇的是出於祢,我就默然不語 (39:9)。

要感恩的是,在這短暫如白駒過隙的人生中,我們卻因著神的憐 憫和恩典,神從創立世界以前,就在基督裡揀選了我們,預定我 們藉著耶穌基督得兒子的名分,如今我們不再作外人和客旅,是 與聖徒同國,是神家裡的人了(弗 1:4-5;2:19),如此浩大的 恩典,我們怎能不恐懼戰兢,謹慎自守,警醒度日,做成我們得 救的工夫(腓 2:12)

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