Weekly Devotion ( Psalm 45-49)

Weekly Devotion ( Psalm 45-49)

Weekly Devotion ( Psalm 45-49)

Psalms  45

The psalmist was moved by the Holy Spirit to pour out a hymn of praise for the King's wedding! The writer of Hebrews places verses 6-7 directly on the Lord Jesus. "But of the Son he says,“Your throne, O God, is forever and ever, the scepter of uprightness is the scepter of your kingdom. You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.”." (Heb. 1:8-9) From this it seems that this psalm was not written entirely for the wedding of a king, but rather for the fulfillment of the "Messiah". All the people joyfully blessed the married king, whose garments were perfumed with all kinds of fragrances (8). The myrrh, incense and cinnamon in the text reminds us that when the Lord Jesus was born, the pilgrims offered gold, frankincense and myrrh (Mt 2:11), and His birth and even His life were filled with fragrance. When He was buried, Joseph and Nicodemus, who were secretly the Lord's disciples, perfumed His holy body with a hundred pounds of myrrh incense. His death, burial and resurrection were filled with fragrance (Jn 19:38-42). The garments of His majesty were also fragrant (having the form of God, meek and lowly...Philippians 2:5-11). But how is it that these same noble spices were present at the wedding? It is because this grand and magnificent wedding is a pointer to the future wedding feast of the Lamb Jesus Christ, which was accomplished by the victory over death, and by the substitutionary atonement of the Lord Jesus, who will Himself be the sacrifice, with its fragrant aroma, for the glory of the wedding. This description fits perfectly with the Apostle Paul's statement in the Epistle to the Ephesians, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and have himself up for her," (Eph. 5:25). He died for sinners. He died for us. Why? He is the One who takes away the sin of all men. For He "could present [the church] to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any other kind of disease, but holy and without blemish (Eph. 5:25-27)". May our church and all the churches of the world greatly manifest the holiness and glory of the Lord, and be fully clothed and prepared to welcome His return with joy and gladness, praying that the Holy Spirit's reminders will help us to be vigilant in our preparations and to seize every opportunity given by the Lord, and not to fritter it away in indolence!

Psalm 46

The psalmist experiences no fear! Who wouldn't be afraid in the midst of the shaking of the earth? How can one not be afraid? Yes! Because God is power. Why is the psalmist not afraid? Because there is help. The thing to be afraid of is to be alone in times of trouble, especially when things are coming at you like a mountain. But when we are in trouble, we are not afraid if we have help. God is able to help us in times of trouble, and He gives us help at all times (by word, by using the church, by circumstances, by people and things), and timely help from the Holy Spirit, etc. The psalmist declares that God is our Lord. The psalmist declares: God is our refuge (3 times), our strength, and our ready help in trouble. God's precious word is also a source of strength and comfort that accompanies one on the uneven path of childhood. Thank God for His Word! Just now in prayer, I realized that God has led me in every step of my life. No matter how humble I am, no matter how big or small things are, the Lord is always there to keep me safe and watch over me. No matter what happens to you, trust in God's faithfulness and justice (Ps 147:17-19)! At this moment, my heart is heaving with hot tears, and I can't calm down for a long time. At this moment (God is ours Ps 46:1, the pot is for refining silver Prov 17:3, we go through fire and water Ps 66:12, we will rely on you with a firm heart Isa 26:3, I will go up to the mountain Ps 121, who will make us Ps 8:35-39, I know Ps 4:12, because what has happened to me is Ps 39:9, if a man loves 1 Jn 2:15-17, we observe 1 Jn 5:3-5) these life-helping verses appeared, thank God's saving grace and his ongoing protection, watchfulness, and guidance, this time the heart welled up the hymn "Besides You" to praise God!!!!

Psalm 47

The psalmist's description of God's victory and the people's rejoicing expresses the psalmist's realization of God's power,(2) for the LORD Most High is fearful, and he is a great king over all the earth. God is great and fearful, and cannot be taken lightly, for He is the great King of all the earth, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. When we truly understand God's greatness and fearfulness, we will not be able to be afraid of man and not be afraid of God. On the contrary, we will definitely be afraid of God alone and not be afraid of anything in this world. God's greatness and fear: He rules over the whole earth (2), can call all nations and states to submit to our feet (3), chooses property for us (4), is the King of all the earth (7), rules over all the nations, sits on the throne (8), is the Most High, and attracts all the nations (9). Therefore our attitude toward God is: clapping and shouting (1), reverence (2), shouting and sending with horns (5), singing and praising (6-7). God is great and awesome, and this is especially evident in the fact that God hates all sin and will never settle for anything less than judgment. This is true of the Old Testament and even more so of the New Testament. It was God's will for Jesus to come into the world to save the world from sin, so that God's "wrath" against sin would not be directed at man, but would be directed at Jesus, which is the Father's grace. The Father's love is not to be nice and indifferent, but to be forgiving, patient, and to wait for repentance. Whoever lives a life of fear of God, that is, not daring to sin against God, honoring the Lord in all things, and faithfully obeying Him, will be protected, blessed, intimate with Him, and have no lack of any good thing, as God promises in the Bible. Whoever fears God, loves God. Those who have a casual attitude toward God, those who don't listen, those who are self-centered..., no matter how godly they appear to be in word or deed, they are not lovers of God, and to love God, we must first know the "fear of God". Pray that the Lord would guide us to know more about God's greatness and fear, so that we can be more obedient to Him in our lives and ministries, and live out a true life of worship!

Psalm 48

This chapter centers on Mount Zion, the city of Jerusalem, and the temple as a place of thanksgiving and praise for God's presence with, protection, and guidance of His people for all eternity. While these mountains, cities, and temples refer to a specific geography, it is more important to note that it is through these geographies that God is present with His covenant people. We are in the New Testament era where the Holy Spirit uses the inner man as a temple, and those who seek God are to become tightly connected to Him. God cannot dwell in the heart of a man who wants to make himself king unless we voluntarily retire from the throne of our lives and surrender our sovereignty to God, for the kingdom of God is all about a people who lay down their sovereignty and honor the Lord." For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul??" (Mt 16:25-26) We children of God are willing to lay down our own sovereignty in order to welcome the sovereign creator of the universe, the mighty God of salvation, the Jesus Christ who loves us, to live in our hearts, so that He can reign and rule on the throne of our hearts and be first in everything. Whoever is willing, God promises to protect and bless and guide us now and forever!

Psalm 49

This describes the evils that will befall the rich man who relies on his money: ignorance, the spreading of evil to his children and grandchildren, the destruction of his body and even of his soul (13-14), and the disappearance of money and vanity along with his death (17-19), just as the animals live for the pleasures of this world, but have no hope of eternity (20). Therefore, we do not need to be jealous or envious of the rich who rely on money in the world. The point is not money, but repentance and life (20). In fact, it has been mentioned time and again that money itself is a neutral substance, a resource for our survival. However, money is the most tempting substance in the world, capable of satisfying man's infinite selfish desires. It is no wonder that the Bible specifically mentions that covetousness is the root of all evil. Greed and dependence will make money our master and control our lives, leading to great disasters for our lives and souls. There are countless people who have sinned and fallen in matters of money, and their reputation has been ruined, their family has been destroyed, they have lost their lives, and they have even lost their souls. We need to be very careful and alert, and not to think that we can stand firm, but pray that the Lord will keep us with a righteous and clean heart. A person who knows how to make good use of money to serve God will be able to use our money to bless the lives of others and invest in God's kingdom, and God will give us eternal rewards. Therefore, the wisdom of using money is not to be greedy and not to be bound, but to surrender the Lord's authority, to manage faithfully, to invest for eternity, and to be a good steward of God's many gifts!

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每周灵修 诗篇45-49

诗篇 第45篇

詩人由聖靈感動为君王的婚禮湧出的讚美詩章! 希伯來書的作者 直接就把第 6-7 節放在主耶穌身上。 “論到子卻說,神啊,你的寶 座是永永遠遠的,你的國權是正直的。你喜愛公義,恨惡罪惡,所 以神,就是你的神,用喜樂油膏你,勝過膏你的同伴。”(來 1:8-9) 由此看來,這篇詩并不是完全為着君王的婚禮,而是為着預表”彌 賽亞”寫的。眾人都歡快地祝福這位成婚的君王,他的衣服散发着 各種芬芳的香气(8)。經文中的没药沉香肉桂叫我們想起,主耶稣降 生時,前去朝拜的博士獻上黃金、乳香和沒藥(太 2:11),祂的降生 甚至一生都充滿香氣。當祂被埋葬時,暗中作主門徒的約瑟和尼哥 底母用一百斤的沒藥沉香,薰祂聖潔的身體。祂的死、埋葬和復活 都滿有香氣(约 19:38-42)。這裹祂君尊的禮服也充滿著香氣(滿有 神的形象,柔和謙卑虛己…腓 2:5-11)。可是,這些同樣高貴的香料 居然出現在婚禮中,這是怎么回事?因為這盛大華美的婚禮是指向 將來耶穌基督羔羊的婚筵,是戰勝死亡而成就,因著主耶穌的代 贖,耶穌將親自成為祭物,带著馨香之气,成就婚禮中的荣耀。這 描述與使徒保羅在以弗所書信中的闡述配合得恰到好處:“正如基 督愛教會,為教會捨己” (弗 5:25)。祂為罪人死,祂為我們死,為什 麼?祂是那除去眾人罪孽的。因為祂“可以(將教會)獻給自己, 作個榮耀的教會,毫无玷污、皱紋等类的病,乃是聖潔没有瑕疵的 (參弗 5:25-27)” 。願我們教會及普天下的教會,都大大彰顯主的聖潔 和榮耀,穿戴整齊,預備好,歡喜快樂地迎見主的再來,祈求聖靈 提醒幫助我們警醒預備,并抓住主給的每個机會,不在沉迷中虛度!

诗篇 第46篇

詩人經歷不害怕! 在山搖地動的環境中,誰不害怕?怎能不 害怕?!是的! 因神是力量。為何詩人不怕? 因有幫助。人怕的就是 在患難困境時呼求無門,孤軍面對,特別是各種事情排山倒海般地 湧來。但雖身處患難,有了幫助就不怕了。神就是能在困境中幫助 我們,祂(用話語、使用教會、環境、各種人事物)給我們隨時的幫 助,聖靈及時的幫助等。詩人宣告:神是我們的避難所(3 次),是 我們的力量,是我們在患難中隨時的幫助。神寶貴的話語也是伴隨 自己走過不平坦童年之路力量的源頭和安慰。感謝神的話語!剛才 在禱告中閃過這一生每一步都是神在帶領,不论人的卑微,事情的 大小,主都保守看顧。不論遇到任何事情,要相信神的信實公義 (詩 147:17-19)!此時,內心起伏熱淚奪眶而出,久久不能平靜,此 刻(神是我們的 詩 46:1,鼎為煉銀 箴言 17:3,我們經過水火 詩 66:12,堅心依賴你的 賽 26:3,我要向山 詩 121,誰能使我們 羅 8:35-39,我知道 腓 4:12,因我所遭遇的是 詩 39:9,人若愛 約壹 2:15-17,我們遵守 約壹 5:3-5)這些生命中幫助的經文出現,感謝神 的救贖恩典和這一路的帶領保守看顧與引導, 這時心中湧出詩歌 《除你以外》來頌讚神!!
诗篇 第47篇
詩人描述了神的得勝和百姓的歡呼,表達了詩人對神權能的領 悟,(2 )因為耶和華至高者是可畏的,他是治理全地的大君王。 神是大而可畏的、輕慢不得的、因為祂是全地的大君王,是萬王之 王、萬主之主。當我們真正的了解神的偉大可畏,我們就不可能只 怕人而不怕神,剛好相反,我們一定會單單怕神,而不怕這世上的 一切。神的偉大可畏:祂治理全地(2)、能叫萬民、列邦服在我們 腳下(3)、為我們選擇產業(4)、是全地的王(7)治理萬國、坐 在寶座之上(8)、祂為至高、吸引萬民(9)。因此我們對神的態度 是:拍掌、呼喊(1)、敬畏(2)、喊聲、角聲相送(5)、歌頌、歌 頌(6-7)。神是大而可畏的,特別彰顯在神恨惡一切的罪,絕不妥 協、定要審判。舊約是如此,新約更是如此。耶穌來到世上,拯救 世人脫離罪惡,是神的旨意,好將神對罪惡的「震怒」不向人發 作,而轉向耶穌,這就是天父的恩典。天父的愛,絕不是充老好 人,視而不見,而是寬容、忍耐、等候人的悔改。凡是活出敬畏神 的生命,也就是不敢得罪神,凡事尊主為大、忠心順服,這樣的 人,在聖經中神許多的應許是要保護、賜福、與他親密、什麼好處 都不缺。凡敬畏神的人,也就是愛神的人。那些對神態度隨便、不 聞不問、自我中心…,他們不管口頭或行為裝出多麼敬虔,但不是 愛神的人,愛神,要先知道「敬畏神」。求主教導我們更多正確認 識神是大而可畏的,進而在生活事奉中,更順服祂,活出真實的敬 拜生活!
诗篇 第48篇
本章用錫安山、耶路撒冷城、聖殿為中心來感謝讚美神與祂的 百姓同在、並且保護、引導,直到永永遠遠。雖然這些山、城、殿 指的都是一個具體的地理環境,但是更重要的是神是透過這些地理 環境來與祂立約的選民同在的。我們在新約時代,聖靈以人內心為 殿,尋求神的人要成為緊緊連於神的人。神不能住在一個想要自立 為王的人的心中,除非我們主動退下生命的寶座,把自己的主權交 給神,因為神的國度,全部都是放下主權,尊主為大的子民。”凡 要救自己生命的,必喪掉生命;凡為我喪掉生命的,必得著生命。 人若賺得全世界,賠上自己的生命,有什麼益處呢?人還能拿什麼 換生命呢?”(太 16:25-26) 我們属神的兒女願意為了迎接這位創造宇宙的主宰、大能拯救的 神,愛我們的耶穌基督,住在我們的心中而甘願放下自己的主權, 讓主在我們心中的寶座上,作王掌權、凡事居首位。凡是願意的 人,神便應許要保護賜福引導我們,從今時直到永遠!
诗篇 第49篇
這里描述了富人倚靠錢財將招致的禍患:愚昧、禍延子孫、身 體甚至靈魂的滅亡(13-14)、金錢、虛榮亦將隨死亡一起消失(17- 19),如同畜類只為今生宴樂而活,卻無永恆的指望(20)。因此對 於在世上倚靠錢財的富人,我們不必嫉妒、羨慕,重點不是金錢, 而是悔改得生命(20)。其實一再提及,金錢本身是中性的物質, 是我們生存的資源。只是在這世上金錢可以說是最具試探威力的物 質了,能夠滿足人類無窮的私慾,難怪聖經特別提到:貪財是萬惡 之根。貪婪、倚靠將使金錢成為我們的主人,轄制我們的生命,導 致生命靈魂極大的災難。已經有無數人在金錢的事上犯罪跌倒、身 敗名裂、家毀人亡、賠上一生,甚至失喪靈魂,我們要十分小心一 警醒,不要自以為站立得穩,求主保守我們有一個正直清潔的心。 一個懂得善用錢財來服事神的人,就能夠使我們用資財來祝福他人 的生命、投資神的國度,神賜永恆的獎賞。所以用錢的智慧,就是 不要貪婪、不要被綁,要交出主權、忠心管理、投資永恆,做神百 般恩賜的好管家!
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